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The Story Begins

It’s not a secret that many companies that downsize, re-prioritize or expand find outsourcing to be a cost effective decision to fulfill certain corporation functions. Outsourcing has become an essential aspect of business strategies and this included the IT programs and systems function.

Outsourcing allows a company to put more focus on product development and overall operations. It eliminates the delay the need to hire full-time staff and avoids tasking overworked staff.

As IT consultant and IT solution provider, Chakra Technology help other companies to efficiently and effectively systemize their business without extending their in-house costs by providing advance IT programs and system software as support technology in any departments.

  • Dipa Wibisana

    Marketing Director

  • Rheza Gunawan

    R&D Director

  • Temmy Njoto

    Technical Director

Chakra Technology provides cost-effective strategic IT consulting services to for-profit companies as well as non-profit organizations. Our consulting services are designed to help businesses and organizations strengthen their internal system by reducing errors, controlling operations, analyzing problems, and supporting productivity.